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Specializing in LGBTQ+ Affirmative, People of Color, Intersectionality, Communication Skills and Relationship Therapy

LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy

Are you coming out?  Are you struggling with your identity?  Are you dealing with families that are just tolerant of you or don’t accept you? Has religion played a role in your life and in your families' life? Are you trying to navigate between the different worlds, or figure out where you stand and what you believe?   I'm here to help you navigate and negotiate the acceptance of who you are.  I not only honor the spectrum of LGBTQ + people, I make it my job to celebrate you.   

People of Color
People of Color

Have you been looking for a therapist of color, for all the reasons that are felt but unspoken?  Are you trying to navigate your daily life in a world that can feel like it is always against you? Have you dealt with colorism, marginalization, racism, and micro-aggressions? Are you tired of explaining yourself and perhaps feeling more triggered by life in our more recent political climate? Are you LGBTQ+ and a POC?


Perhaps you have dealt with some hardships and found yourself not quite fitting in.  Are you trying to integrate and figure out how you identify and understand the vast array of how being biracial/or multicultural has affected how you have been treated and how you think and show up in the world? Are you LGBTQ+ and mixed?

Mixed Race/Cultural Relationships
Mixed Race/Culture Relationships

Do you find that within your relationship that cultural difference may show up and create misunderstandings or discomfort?  Are your families difficult to navigate; are you trying to understand your partner better? Do you need help navigating the grey area?  Are you LGBTQ+ and in a mixed cultural relationship?


Do you find that sometimes you are confused, do you feel like perhaps you have offended someone and you don’t know why?  Is difference showing up and you need help navigating it? Are you actively learning to be more sensitive to others, but feeling misunderstood? Are you sometimes afraid to ask a questions, with fear that you may say the wrong thing?  Do you want to collaborate on how you can become a better ally?  Do you need or desire a space where you can talk about privilege and race open and honestly? ​Are you LGBTQ+?


Well let’s talk about it.  I'm here to help you navigate and language what may feel difficult or awkward. You can talk to me about your frustration, and we can learn how to manage discomfort.  You can ask me the questions that perhaps you may not feel free to ask others and we can collaborate together on how you may be able to negotiate and discuss your thoughts or questions with others. 

Relationships/Sex Positive Therapy
Relationships/Sex Positive Therapy


Interpersonal relationships are all around us:  families, friendships, parent/child, siblings, coworkers, and intimate relationships.  I'm here to empower you with better communication tools with those you love.  For couples or families, we will work on effective communication and learning to actively listen to each other; let’s look honestly at our values and our vision within our relationships.  Do we really understand each other? Let’s learn how to language our needs, while trying to hold space for others to share their needs with us also.  Let’s learn how to disagree, perhaps without frustration and learn how to be assertive with our language and release passive and aggressive behaviors that negatively impact our relationships. Are you in an Open/ Polyamorous relationship or practice relationship Anarchy?  I can help you with relationship contracts/agreements and to develop the language you need to have bliss in all your relationships.   


Let's Talk about Sex

Do you need or want to talk about sex, intimacy and desire without filter?  Are there some areas of your sexual life that you may be holding shame about?  Are you needing to understand more of how your body works?  Has intimacy in your partnership/s been an area of contention or misunderstanding? Are you certain of your sexual boundaries, and of what enthusiastic consent looks and sounds like?  I’m here to help you navigate safe sexual conversations about yourself or within your intimate partnership/s.  I'm here to listen, and to deconstruct dominate discourses around sex so that you may figure out your desires and personal interests with no judgment.  I am BDSM/Kink friendly and knowledgeable.

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