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Che Johnson M.A., AMFT

When you seek therapy, you seek a witness to your life. You hope that if your pain and  struggle is seen by another, then so will your desires, resilience, and resourcefulness. 

My place in your therapy is to see you, hear you, and reflect your power back to you.  Sharing your journey allows me to witness your transformations…both big and small. In witnessing you I ask the question: 


How has systemic oppression affected you, members of your family, and your  communities? 

I earned my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an interest in identities that foster  Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice. 

I use a Narrative lens to see the many stories that inform your identity. I listen for the  legacies that scaffold your inner values. My senses are tuned to Family Systems, Dialectical  Behavior, and Jungian/Depth psychology modalities. 


I work with clients who are everywhere on the spectrums of gender/sexuality,  religion/non-religion, ability, and cultural & racial identity; clients who express body and  sex positivity everywhere from asexual to kink…monogamous to poly…and beyond. 


I am attuned to identifying the effects of narcissistic abuse and giving Clients resources to  transform victimhood into healing survivorship. 


I presently offer online video therapy until in-person sessions become viable. I am open to  phone calls when preferred. Either option is available for California Residents. 


Ali Babu Che Johnson-Associate Marriage & Family Therapist License #118804 

Under Supervision of Barbara Herring, LMFT #109537 


“In this dance between individual and community, society often plays the tune. But, once you hear the music and notice your steps and your partner’s, you can make changes to the dance. You can even change the beat.” ABCjohnson

Please Contact Che at:

Phone: 650-762-9829


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